Absolutely Technology

Absolutely Technology supports the work of non-profit organizations, foundations, educational institutions, and other charities that wish to utilize our service offerings.

If your organization has non-profit 501(c) status, as approved and authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you are eligible for a 20% discount on many of our hourly rates and service fees.   The services that are eligible for this discount include on- and off-site technical support, web design & development, web maintenance, shared web hosting, and email marketing monthly fees and charges.

There are no forms to fill, a simple email to our billing department is usually sufficient.  We do request proof of non-profit status (via federal tax forms or documentation) for our own tax purposes.

We do ask that if you utilize this discount that you place a conspicuous and easy to find and use link on your web site to our own (text link, image link, etc.). If you do not have a web presence, we ask that you include reference to our business in a conspicuous and easy to see place on your marketing and reference materials.